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Help:Whakatika tuhinga

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Creating an article where no link already[takatā]

1. Copy this to the top of your User page (replacing the three dots with your username):


<small>Articles I started or plan to start soon</small>


2. Save your page.

3. Click on that link; use the resulting page for all words you plan to write articles for. It doubles as a list of your achievements when the completed jobs are moved above the "planned" heading. Copy the headings and model article from User:Robin_Patterson/Taku_mea if you like.

Editing basics[takatā]

The bare essential points of editing are:

  • Type in the edit box, much the same as in any wordprocessing program.
  • For a new paragraph, you need a complete blank line OR a line starting with either a colon (which produces an indent) or an asterisk (which produces a bullet).
  • Macrons are in the first group of special characters below the edit box. You may click them or copy-and-paste. Same with foreign characters in the other groups.

Fractionally more adventurous things[takatā]

Other effects may be achieved very quickly if you can see a toolbar (row of little boxes) just above the edit box. But here are the slow ways of doing the most important:

  • Double square brackets around any word or phrase create an internal jump-link to a page with that name (whether or not one exists). Please use them for any Maori word or phrase that you think should have an article.
  • Italic is achieved by putting two apostrophes at each end of the word or phrase; <br>three each end makes it bold (and note that the first appearance of the page title in the article text should be bold); <br>five makes it both.
  • Headings (as above) are made by typing two or three "equals" signs in front of the word or phrase and the same number after it. There are several advantages in doing it that way instead of typing apostrophes for bold text.

Summarise, preview, and save[takatā]

When all looks good enough:

  1. add a few words of explanation in the "Summary:" line
  2. hit the "Show preview" button
  3. edit further if desired, then if really OK hit the "Save page" button.

More detail[takatā]

Full explanations of how to edit and navigate can be found on the main English Wikipedia and related pages, eg:

Mo taku hē - until there is a Maori version of other "help" topics, please see en:Help:Contents.

A translation of that English version here would be useful.