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Wiktionary:Mea tauira

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A very simple (copyable) template[takatā]

This shows the most fundamental elements of an article: its language, its origin (etymology) the part of speech, the word itself, and at least one definition. The example is for a word with a single meaning. Finally there can be a link to the corresponding word in any number of other Wiktionary versions.

When a user has clicked on a "broken" link to reach a blank edit box ready to create a new article, he or she may copy the seven or eight lines between the tags onto any new page and start typing to fill in the gaps and/or change the wording (and double the brackets in the interwiki tag).

 <!-- this is solely for English nouns -->
===Kupu ingoa===
[[en:] <!-- placed here for ease of copying from below and adding second bracket -->
# [[meaning]]

[[category:reo Ingarihi]

(Similar models can be made for the other parts of speech and other languages)

(from Te Matatiki)

Additional meanings or parts of speech[takatā]

For a second meaning, just add another line starting with "#". For a second part of speech, repeat the group:

===Kupu ingoa===
# meaning